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How to Pay Full Attention – Mindfulness

The clock strikes five in the morning and another day of war begins! How to Pay Full Attention The house seems no less than a workshop, bustling with all the members in a hurry, trying to get ready to reach their workplaces on time. The entire day is just equally tiring and evenings keep us busy with the scheduling for the next day. Work and stress the entire day, weeks, months, years and on and on. May be a few extra bucks earned but a lot more lost. Take a break. Think. May be a little mindfulness can help. Mindfulness is the complete [...]

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Can Electric Vehicle (EV) Push Result in Unemployment?

What is a prominent noting from the above parts/components’ layout of conventional Petrol/Diesel Car and Electric Car? …….. The component count seems to be less in Electric Car. Yes, its correct. A typical Electric Car has around 200 components, whereas conventional Petrol/Diesel Car has more than 1000 components. How does the parts count matter? Let’s consider manufacturing process/ cycle of conventional cars. Generally, there is cluster of companies engaged/ supporting automobile manufacturing. Say, Maruti Suzuki has Car manufacturing plant in Gurugram (Haryana). Maruti doesn’t make all the parts/components in-house, and most of them are made by ancillary/ auto component companies. [...]

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High Tc Superconducting Materials

In year 1911, Kammerling Ones observed the sudden disappearance of electrical resistance when pure mercury was cooled below a particular temperature. In mercury, transition from normal state to superconducting state was observed at a temperature 4.2K called critical transition temperature ‘Tc’. Since then scientists and researchers are trying to understand the basic principle phenomenon responsible for such transitions. The basic concept was given by Bardeen, Cooper & Schreiffer in 1957 which is known as BCS- theory. Looking into the potential applications of superconducting materials with higher critical transition temperatures, continuous efforts have been made to raise the transition [...]

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Best BCA Colleges in Delhi NCR The basic purpose of social media is to connect with people and to share our life events with our family and friends who are not nearby. But in my opinion, this platform has more become the way to show off and advertise about one’s achievements and success or simply to promote business. It has created the environment of competition and distress. The impact of social media is so huge nowadays that we just forgot how communicate with each other personally. The fact is that people are spending more time on social networks; it has [...]

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Programing Language Python

top 10 engineering colleges in  Faridabad Python is a powerful high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose, interactive, easy to use, interpreted scripting language. It was invented by Guido van Rossum at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands in 1991. Python comes under two flavor Python 2 and Python 3.There is very slight difference […]

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