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Which course is better to study – a BSc or a BTech ???

Class 12 exams are over and students are looking at various programs available to pursue at undergraduate/degree level. If you have appeared in class 12 with non- medical (PCM) background, there must be confusion and misconceptions in your mind whether to go for B.Tech or B.Sc. Program. To remove these, let’s review the different aspects, scope, difficulty level, career prospects etc., involved in these two courses and that will help you choosing the course of your choice, either B.Sc or B.Tech.

  B.Sc B.Tech
Years Of Study 3-4 years 4-5 years
Study Focus Basic Science (pure science) Applied Science (technical/ technological)
Content Broad and Theoretical Practical and Technical
Flexibility The content is general with no specific changes/option for selecting a specialization. You need to do M.Sc / M.Tech / M.E / MBA for specialization. It’s designed on an individual field of engineering with an option to choose further specialization/ elective, in the final year, under your chosen field. This helps you focus on your specific area of interest.
Route to Higher Studies Science & Research: B.Sc, M.Sc, Doctorate
Management: B.Sc, MBA/ PG Diploma
Engineering: B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Tech / M.E
Engineering & Research: B.Tech / B.E, M.Tech / M.E, Doctorate
Management: B.Tech, MBA / P.G. Diploma
Curriculum Rigour Comfortable Intensive and demanding, Students need to be excellent in Science, especially Maths subjects.
Career Prospects After Graduation Since the course is general in nature, you need to complete M.Sc to get a good start to your career. Comparatively, career prospects after graduation in engineering are GOOD – the choice of engineering discipline + further specialization under it gives an edge to choose and follow your career goals in that segment. However, for better and higher career prospects M.Tech / MBA is recommended.
Which One To Choose – B.Sc Or B.Tech If you are comfortable with basic science and are more inclined to non-technical aspects of science, B.Sc is a good choice and coupled with M.Sc you can make good progress in your career. If you are interested in the technical side of science, designs, calculations etc., and ready to do take on a demanding and challenging route, B.Tech is the right choice.
Higher Study Choices If you are interested in research work, you may do Masters (M.Sc) and then Ph.D. If you are interested in management stuff, go for an MBA after B.Sc. If core engineering stuff is your forte/research work, you may do your Masters (M.Tech / M.E) and later Ph.D. If management and business interests you, go for an MBA after B.Tech / B.E.
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