Top 10 Govt Jobs for Civil Engineers


As a civil engineer in PWD, you'll be responsible for road construction, bridges, and public infrastructure projects.

Indian Railways

Join Indian Railways to work on railway track expansion, bridge construction, and station upgrades

Urban Development

Contribute to urban planning and housing projects by working with Urban Development Departments

UPSC Engineering Services

The UPSC Engineering Services Examination opens doors to prestigious central government engineering roles


State PSCs offer opportunities to work on state-level civil engineering projects

Military Engineering Services

Serve the nation by working on infrastructure projects for the armed forces with MES

Airport Authority of India

Engineer airports and aviation facilities with the Airport Authority of India

Public Sector Undertakings

Many PSUs like NTPC, ONGC, and BHEL hire civil engineers for various projects

Water Resources and Irrigation Departments

Work on managing water resources and irrigation systems to support agriculture and infrastructure

Environmental Engineering

Contribute to sustainability and environmental protection with roles in environmental engineering departments

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