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About Prof (Dr) Praveen Pandey

Prof (Dr) Praveen Pandey has an illustrious academic and research-oriented career profile. Having a doctorate in the field of Thermal and Fluids; he is a renowned name in our country. During his teaching career that spans well over 25 years, Dr. Pandey has held various responsible and prestigious assignments in the field of academics & research in India as well as abroad.

Rapid advancement in technology on a continuous basis is an indispensable condition for any nation to remain among global leaders. The responsibility of taking the nation ahead rests with our youth, which is the biggest national asset. Echelon Institute of Technology was established in 2007 with a vision to create technical leaders who engage in the evolution of life through continuous technological breakthroughs inspired by ongoing exploration of self, society, and nature.

To achieve this vision, Echelon follows a holistic approach and takes pride in maintaining high academic standards to create technical professionals who have a keen desire to learn and grow. The institute provides infrastructure and facilities that include state of the art laboratories and workshops, library, computer centers, value added courses, emphasis on personality development, language & communication skills, a highly qualified faculty and trained technical staff and much more.

The teaching pedagogy is based on experiential learning. While on one hand, students’ learning process is closely counseled and monitored, on the other hand, they are given full freedom to take independent decisions and learn by themselves. Fulfilling the basic academic requirements of the university curriculum is just one mandatory aspect. One of the challenges faced by technical institutions is accomplishing the needs of industry in the most efficient manner. Hence, students must be molded and groomed so that they meet the immediate demands of the industry. In other words, they have to be compatible with the industry. Echelon achieves this through campaigns like Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) and AICTE supported Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) that encourage them to take on industry offered projects which in turn lead to building their skills and confidence level to bag splendid placements and enhance self-growth and development.

Echelon Institute provides abundant opportunities and facilities to the students for pursuing their interest in extra-curricular activities and enhance their talents. Participation in sports, athletics & games is also encouraged for better mental and physical health and also to inculcate the qualities of discipline, leadership and team spirit. These activities are pursued through various clubs that are functional throughout the session.

In brief, here at Echelon, we provide ample opportunities for the overall growth and development of students to make them self-confident and capable enough to take independent decisions. With these words, I heartily invite you all to join the Echelon family for a brilliant future.

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