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The Life Line of Today’s Era: Internet of Things

An IOT is collection of web-enabled smart devices that has sensors, communication hardware to send, gather and act on the data these devices collect from the environment. These devices have inbuilt processors. IOT devices share their data to the gateway from where it is forwarded to the clouds for analyzing. These devices work on their own without human interaction, but we can interact by giving instruction to them.

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IOT is nowadays used in every sphere of life eg. Connected homes, Smart Lighting, Fitness bands, Smart Watches, Smart Traffic Lights, and Smart Parking Meters etc. It is used in our daily life routines, like colleges, offices, homes, schools etc. Our college conducted many seminars and workshops on IOT and AI. Our college is the best Engineering college in Faridabad. Our college is in Top 10 engineering colleges in Faridabad, Haryana as well as a top engineering college in New Delhi. Security in IOT is a major concern. Our smart devices are data collectors. The personal information assimilated and stored with these devices — like our age, name, health, data, location and more — can help unauthorized in stealing our identity.

When we’re connected to everything around us, there are more ways to access our information. That can make us an attractive target for people who want to make a profit off of our personal data. Every connected device we own can add another privacy concern, especially since most of them connect to our smartphone.

Here’s how it works. Whether you need to check the cameras in your home, lock or unlock a door, adjust temperature or lighting, pre-heat the oven, or turn off a TV — you can do it all remotely with just a few taps on your smartphone.

But the more functionalities we add to our smartphone, the more information we store in the device. This could make smartphones and anything connected to them vulnerable to a multitude of different types of attacks.

We can follow various measures to secure our devices. Use strong and unique passwords for device accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and connected devices. Never leave your smartphone unattended if you’re using it in a public space.

By: Ms. Anita (Department of CSE)

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