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Teaching Methodology

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow…

Faculty at Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad takes different techniques for effective teaching, both general and specific to make the student’s learning more effective:

  • Problem-Based Learning: Involves asking a question to a group of students who are provided with resources. 
  • Project-Based Learning: Usually it begins with an assignment given to the student to carry out a final product —a design, a model, a device or a computer simulation.
  • Student Centered Learning: Providing opportunity to students to take control of their own learning. This approach helps the innovator to identify students learning goals and how they organize their learning.
  • Active Learning: involves the student in doing things and actively participating in the lecture room or laboratory during study or project work.
  • Co-operative Learning: Provides benefits of learning in collaboration with other students. Innovator poses a question after teaching a particular topic and gives all students a few minutes to consider their own answer. After whole discussion one Student formulates a joint answer which combines the best features of their individual solutions…

Teaching Innovation

 At Echelon Institute of Technology we integrate innovation into our culture by adapting the following:

  • Strategic Planning for implementation of innovative learning practices
  • Establish Innovation Metrics and Reward Innovation for faculties
  • Focus on overall vitality and enthusiasm in teaching
  • Designing workshops and group activities designed to stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Promote faculties to spend time on research activities.

Teaching Creativity

Teaching creativity is not the only the required element for technocrats, but it is a great deal of creative effort to bring out the most creative thinking in the classrooms. Engineers and managers should be able to re-engineer or reconstruct the available data and generate specific solution to scientific, engineering and social problems related to their field.

At Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad (NCR), inventive creativity is encouraged among the students to develop new use of old things or new ways of uses. Various creative techniques like statement busting, brain storming, concept mapping, role-playing, story boarding, decision tree, presentations, case debates, simulation exercises ice-breaking etc. are applied to encourage innovation in classroom. 

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