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Best Engineering College in Faridabad

We all understand the importance of choosing the right career path for our future. However, students pursuing their 12th are quite confused with what to choose and what will be beneficial for them in terms of future growth. There are multiple courses available and have different growth aspects. Also, students must research all the courses after 12th before applying for any course. Science students mostly go with the engineering courses and for getting the best education and placement opportunities they need to be well aware of the best available colleges for the same. Engineering Definition Engineering encompasses a whole range of industries [...]

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Highlights of ‘Draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019’ for Higher Education College in Faridabad The ‘Draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019’ is an update, which has come after a period of more than 30 years and is built on the foundational pillars of 'Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability, and Accountability. It aims to bring major transformations in the existing education system in India. In this blog, some highlights of draft NEP pertaining to Higher Education are outlined: All Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) would evolve into one of three types of institutions: Research Universities (Type 1), Teaching Universities (Type 2), and Colleges (Type 3). The aim of all these HEPs would [...]

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scope of mechanical engineering As rightly said mechanical engineers are the real heroes in the field of engineering. They manage the ideas of mechanics, thermodynamics, kinematics, liquid mechanics, control area, refrigeration, cooling division and aviation. There is an incredible breadth of mechanical engineering now-a-days. It is growing past its limits and a greater amount of interdisciplinary in nature. It is perhaps the most seasoned part of engineering. This field is the broadest of all engineering fields; work prospects on offer for talented engineers are bounty and unending. They can discover work in both governments as well as in private [...]

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Which is the Best Engineering College in Faridabad?

If you are looking for the best private engineering colleges in Faridabad, you will find the Echelon Institute of Technology as the one. There are various reasons for considering it among top engineering colleges in Faridabad and Delhi. While looking for engineering college students and parents usually look for following AICTE approval Quality of academics/education Good Administration Affordable Fee Activities at the college Good Infrastructure Placement Opportunity You will find Echelon as of the best choice for the above parameters.  Echelon has got the best infrastructure among the engineering/Btech colleges in Faridabad and Delhi NCR. It has state of the art classrooms, [...]

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Anxiety of choosing right branch of engineering and college

Choosing the right career path can be very confusing and difficult at times. Whether it is choosing your specialization of engineering branch or choosing the Best Private Engineering Colleges in Faridabad, it is always an anxiety-riddled decision and requires a lot of research because a wrong decision will certainly have an impact on your entire life. Here are some tips which will guide you in choosing the right career direction. The big dilemma: Branch or College? Best Private Engineering Colleges in Faridabad Both are the important, branch, as well as the college and you, have to be really fortunate to be the [...]

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