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The basic purpose of social media is to connect with people and to share our life events with our family and friends who are not nearby. But in my opinion, this platform has more become the way to show off and advertise about one’s achievements and success or simply to promote business. It has created the environment of competition and distress. The impact of social media is so huge nowadays that we just forgot how communicate with each other personally.

The fact is that people are spending more time on social networks; it has become very popular to promote your business on social media. Even school and college also start using this as a business. There are many engineering colleges in Faridabad that uses these technologies. Our college is in top Engineering college in Faridabad also used digital marketing which is the part of social media. You can set up a group in any social network, as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram  and share the facts about your business. It is also useful for study purposes. You can find the best engineering colleges in Delhi, best B.Tech colleges in Delhi, Top Engineering Colleges, Best BCA College in Faridabad in goggle that will provide you all the information and helps you to find the best. As promoting business is free, that is why it is so popular. You do not have to invest anything, as creating an account is a free item.

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Above was about the benefits of the social networking but along with this our society if also facing some serious concerns related to this.

The most dangerous effect is on our young generation or among college students who have not seen the world without social networking. Their life revolves around how many likes they have or how many friends and followers are there on Facebook or on twitter or on Instagram. Without knowing many of them are suffering from mental stress.

When we pick up the phone what is the first thing that we do is to check we social account or whatapp, post photos of your breakfast or lunch. Or if you are not doing this, during the day you must be using social media at least once or twice. We can’t imagine our life without social media, because it has made our life much easier and we simply do not want to imagine, what our life would be without these modern items.

 Social media has so much impact on our daily life. In order to avoid negative consequences, we should use the social media in a positive way and do our best to get only benefit. Everyone will agree that this type of media makes our life more interesting, vivid and colorful.


 By:  Ms. Shefali

Department of Computer Science Engineering

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