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Research & Development

  • Research, Innovation and Development are on-going activities at Echelon, besides achieving Academic Excellence, Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities.
  • The students are inspired and motivated to think about Real Life Problems and/or Real Life Applications, and find their Solution(s).
  • Live Projects are chosen by all the Students themselves, under the supervision of Qualified and Renowned Faculty Members.
  • Industry collaboration is actively solicited to engage in solving industrial challenges and improvement in the product/ work process.
  • The project activity is taken-up in a structured manner after formalization.
  • These activities develop Hands-on Skills and encourages Team Work, Cooperation and Helping Attitude.
  • The focus of Teaching – Learning Process is not only on the results, but also to learn from the failures.
  • The Institute is equipped with various types of Machines and Equipment in the Laboratories for simulation, testing and validation of the projects.
  • Membership and participation with academic and technical Organizations/ Associations/ Forums like IEEE, Elsevier, Scopus, Google Scholar, etc.
  • The Institute renders the required support including funds, to students to fulfil the activities.
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