Computer science engineering colleges in Faridabad Delhi NCR
Computer science engineering colleges in Faridabad

Most Confusing State of Mind after Graduating as a Computer Science Engineer!

I still remember my period of Graduation in year 2009 as a Computer Science Engineer. It is a stage full of mixed feelings of whether to go for further studies or try my luck in IT Corporate sector? 

My motive of choosing this topic for writing this blog in year 2020, because I believe that the question is still the same in most of the students’ minds who would be graduating soon.

We all know that Computer Science is a vast field that keeps on emerging year after year. And thus, keeping yourself dependable over the fixed syllabi is not the right option. So, if one wants to grab best of the opportunity that comes to his/her way, one should always be aware of the hot topics of the IT industry.

Computer science engineering colleges in Faridabad

With this, I want to pull all your attention on one of the most prevailing and smart Career option after completing a Computer Science Degree is to be a ‘Data Scientist’. How cool it sounds!

There is lot of buzz regarding the huge amount of data available all around the globe, be it on social media like Twitter, Facebook, or any E-commerce website. The average amount of data generated by every human being every second is near about 1.7 megabytes. With this, you can imagine the growth of data, and that is where a Data Scientist comes to the rescue by analyzing and organizing this data to provide Business Solutions. Many Researchers are working on these data units, which are available in different data formats, using various data analysis tools to predict insights, in order to improve their business.

So the question arises here ….What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics refers to the technique to analyze data to enhance productivity and business gain. The data is extracted from various sources, is cleaned and categorized to analyze different behavioral patterns. The data Analytics techniques can reveal trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before taking it as a career option:

  • Am I intrigued by statistics and programming?
  • Am I willing to constantly upskill?
  • Do I really enjoy solving problems?
  • If data science wasn’t an extremely popular and lucrative option, would I still go for it?


Next, you must satisfy some prerequisites before you can call yourself a data scientist. These include technical skills like expertise in Maths and Statistics, languages like Python and Scala, Database skills, and experience with Big Data tools and Machine Learning techniques. You will also need to hone non-technical skills like curiosity and communication skills, and adopt strong business acumen.


According to Forbes, the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 by 2022. The Data Scientists are responsible for many tasks in a business including analytics, building data products using programming languages like Java, along with developing visualizations and machine learning algorithms in Python or R.

Because of this, the average salary package of a data scientist is Rs 693,637 (INR) or $91,470 (US$) per year. Additionally, based on your experience and skillset, the Companies can offer you up to US$ 130,000 per annum.

There are many best Colleges and Institutes in Delhi-NCR that are providing these on-demand Certification Courses and Training to their Undergraduate students, so that they can get best of the job opportunities in the Campus placement itself.


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