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Life Skill & Communication

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Life Skills and Communication” is essential for developing professionals as that enables a student to upgrade and enhance their being and become competent enough to stay ahead and thrive in the evolving world of work!


Life Skill & Communication

In its endeavor to build the youth for the future, Echelon Institute of Technology has developed & introduced a handcrafted youth development program on “Life Skills and Communication” for holistic development of the skills of students in a gradual manner, considering the age of youth taking part in the program.

We know that life skills are an acquired ability to do something well. Mastery of these life skills requires opportunities to try, make mistakes, and try again. Life skills are learned in sequential steps as per the age and stage of development of a young person. The goal of “Life Skills and Communication” is to provide opportunities to young people to experience life skills, practice them, and become capable of using them throughout their lives.

Life skills are those skills which enable an individual to be more competent in dealing with the day to day challenges in a positive way. Life skills are very useful for engineering students to lead a positive life in order to achieve their desired goals. Life skills can act as a single capsule for teaching students art of life and giving solution to most of their problems. It develops the way of seeing problems and letting to prepare to handle difficult situations. It provides intrinsic motivation for growth and progress.

Life Skills Curriculum at Echelon Institute of Technology addresses a balance of three areas of learning viz knowledge, attitude and skills to live and work effectively. It inculcate following attributes the in students

Value System

  • Demonstrates sincerity
  • Focused towards achieving objectives
  • Believes in Hard Work and Integrity
  • Considers teamwork as essential to individual excellence


  • Equipped to obtain and retain employment
  • Adaptive to multi-tasking and new learning
  • Adds creative attitude to the culture of an organization
  • Functions effectively within a team

Unlearning, Learning, Re-learning

  • A constant learner, develops lifelong learning skills that support continuous education
  • Achieves high standard of literacy
  • Manages information with efficient organization
  • Demonstrates aesthetic awareness

Social Responsibility

  • Practices a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrates responsible conduct
  • Participates in community service
  • Understands and promotes the democratic principles of freedom, justice and equality

Diverse Thinking

  • Demonstrates a variety of thinking processes
  • Integrates new information with existing knowledge and experience
  • Applies thinking skills strategically

Collaboration and Interpersonal Skills

  • Works with a variety of population and profiles
  • Facilitates groups effectively
  • Can handle complex interrelationships

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Views a problem as an opportunity
  • Delivers results with minimum resources
  • Is a self-learner and takes initiative
  • Delivers innovative solutions
  • Open to risk-taking
  • Stay stress-free and optimistic

Creative Communication

  • Use a variety of media of interaction e.g. reading, writing, speaking, listening, painting, singing, playing instruments, dancing, dramatizing, sculpting
  • Uses appropriate verbal and non-verbal methods to communicate with others
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