Industrial Visits – Echelon Institute Of Technology

Students of Mechanical Engineering visited the Engine Division plant of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and got practical knowledge about the Automobile Industry.

Students visited the R&D department for Earth Mover Machines.

The students observed how the software department, control rooms and antenna systems work.

As a part of their SPARK programme, the students were given a tour around the campus of Infosys in order to give the students an exposure of the live work culture and technological developments in Information Technology industry.

Students observed and gained knowledge of how plastic components are manufactured for the automotive sector.

Students took interest in various industrial transducers for process control instruments, electric motor assemblies and testing. Students even took a lot of interest in operating the processing machines themselves.

Students visited the manufacturing plants. There, each group of students was taken separately and explained the functioning of the plant, how the manufacturing units focus on Total Productivity, Total Quality, Zero Defect, etc. The students were given a tour around the factory and were explained about the complete channel of stations on the assembly station.

Students were given a wonderful tour to demonstrate them latest technology brought to the world by Panasonic; technology that is not only sophisticated but also eco friendly.

Students observed the functioning of various electronic sensors for the processes related to paper folding and printing.

Students were taken to the shop floors of the manufacturing plant in order to observe and get an idea of how LED lamps are manufactured.

Industrial Visit By Students

In order to give first-hand industrial experience to engineering students, Echelon organizes industrial visits where students relate their academic theories with industrial practices and get practical knowledge. Through industrial visits, every student gets a practical exposure that adds value to his/her overall know-how pertaining to the related domain. This paves the way for students to further expand their knowledge, not only theoretically but also in terms of practical applications, so that they can join their future recruiters with a strong grasp of their domain knowledge. Echelon has got the best infrastructure for B-tech colleges in Faridabad and Delhi NCR.

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