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How to Pay Full Attention – Mindfulness

The clock strikes five in the morning and another day of war begins!

The house seems no less than a workshop, bustling with all the members in a hurry, trying to get ready to reach their workplaces on time. The entire day is just equally tiring and evenings keep us busy with the scheduling for the next day.

Work and stress the entire day, weeks, months, years and on and on. May be a few extra bucks earned but a lot more lost.

Take a break. Think. May be a little mindfulness can help. Mindfulness is the complete presence of the mind in the work done. It is something that is quite near to meditation. Mindfulness can help to improve the relationships with others, reduce stress, increase concentration, be present at the important times of our lives and be at peace with ourselves and the world. Mindfulness can surprise us to the core!!

Here are a few things to bring mindfulness into our routine:

  1. Concentrated breathing: This involves concentrating on our breath for a minute at regular intervals during the day. Because of thoughts, if the touch with breath is lost, let go the thoughts and focus on the breath again. Minute meditations can be wonderful practices in reducing stress.
  2. Power of listening: Mindful listening is an act of love and kindness. People appreciate mindful listening and will in turn listen to us when we speak.
  3. Transform mundane chores: The everyday household chores can be transformed into mindful rituals. Instead of just rushing through the work, try to feel the essence and importance of the work, concentrate on the little things that can actually make a difference.
  4. Intensify sensual connection with food: Feel the tantalizing aroma of the food fill the air around. Establish a connection with the food and this in turn would provide greater satisfaction and sense of fulfilment.
  5. Break the myth of multi-tasking: Multi-tasking drains us faster. At times slowing down ensures a better quality of work. Be mindful of the needs, demands, capabilities and limitations of the people around. Socializing can be soothing.
  6. ‘Mind’ the mind: Through self-observation, mindfulness streams into our lives. Let us not believe in all our thoughts or take ourselves seriously. Learn to question the thoughts and thereby ‘mind’ the mind.
  7. ‘Empty’ time: Five minutes just sit idle and do…..nothing! In the fast paced life, five minutes of being present at the moment can energize us and give a lot back into our lives. Be fully aware of the present moment and sensory perceptions to know how pleasurable it can be.
  8. Explore with the senses: Whatever and whenever we do something, we should try to put our senses into it. Visually observe the details of the environment, feel the sun and wind on the skin and hear the variations in sound. Establish a spiritual connection with everything of importance.



Dr. Anupama Jain

Associate Professor

 Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities 

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