RFID Features and Benefits How RFID is Going to Reduce Billing Time at Supermarket?

How RFID is Going to Reduce Billing Time at Supermarket?

What is one of the worrying feeling, when we visit a Supermarket? We always wish that there should be short or no queue at the billing counter. But to aggravate our anxiety, we generally find that there are many people ahead of us and most of them their carts full of small-small items. Which means, a long wait time for our turn to come. At that point of time, one may notice arguments within the families, as to why they have come during the rush hour.

A typical process at a Supermarket billing counter is given as under.

RFID Features and Benefits

Do you know what is the most time-consuming process in the above process? It is:

  1. Picking items from cart and placing on the counter.
  2. Itemized billing by using barcode reader.
  3. Placing all the billed items back in cart or carry bags.

Imagine if the above processes are clubbed into one? The result would be lesser time consumed at billing counters in a Supermarket.

The answer to the above is using ‘RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)’, in place of traditional ‘Barcode’. The RFID technique uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The advantages of RFID over Barcode are given under:

  • RFID doesn’t need line of sight.
  • RFID tags are capable of storing more data.
  • Read rate is greatly increased.
  • RFID tags can be printed with a barcode.
  • RFID tags are durable and reusable.
  • RFID tag is read/write.
  • Data is encrypted.

As RFID doesn’t need a ‘line of sight’ for functioning, so there is no need to remove items from the cart to place over the counter and to put them back into the cart/ carry bags after the billing is over. Instead, as soon as you bring cart near the billing counter, the billing system will automatically read all the items in the cart and generate the bill.

So, with RFID tags on the items, you come to the billing counter with your cart à your bill is automatically generated & ready à you pay the bill and exit the Supermarket. Therefore, your precious time is saved.

There are many uses of RFID tags besides the billing. These include tracking of the items, connectivity with the seller etc. This may lead to privacy related issues. However, the RFID tags used in the Supermarkets have a very short range (typically in meters) of detection; so, once the customer is out of the Supermarket, the RFID tracking is lost.

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By: Prof. (Dr.) Vishwajeet V. Jituri
Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad

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