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Frequently Asked Questions about Echelon Institute of Technology

Ans :- As a commitment towards the tripeptide partnership among institution, students and their parents towards a common shared future, the institution is committed to make available the training, research and support structures enabling every student to have a well-rounded training in the areas of core competence in their self-inspired chosen fields. The institute makes available:-

  • Recruitment training i.e. Aptitude and reasoning training, Group discussions, verbal and soft skills training, Personality development programs.
  • Training in new arising technology by the high-end industry experts in the institute as well in the industries.
  • Multidisciplinary research with new projects.
  • Immersion programs from foreign universities.
  • Motivational sessions.
  • Workshops on Friends, family and relationships, Confidence, power and Excellence, Freesom, Leadership etc.
  • Industry oriented programs.
  • Community services.
  • Facing and finding solutions to the challenges insitu in communities and in industry.
  • Entrepreneurship development.
  • Foreign language learning.

Making them employable to be absorbed in high end companies or become entrepreneurs and job creators or making them exam ready in pursuit of their higher education, ultimately supporting them becoming a leader in their chosen areas.

Ans.- At Echelon, we firmly believe the pursuit to alter the quality of life is to honor the human dignity. Any education or training, therefore, finds its culmination in a meaningful contribution to the society, one of which major channel is the industry in the country and outside. Hence one of the goals of the outcome-based teaching at Echelon is to make its students employable in the industry. Echelon in its commitment to place primary importance to placements, conducts:-

  • Recruitment training i.e. Aptitude and reasoning training, Group discussions, verbal and soft skills training, Personality development programs.
  • Training in new arising technology by the high-end industry experts in the institute as well in the industries.
  • Industry oriented programs.
  • Industrial visits.
  • Leadership workshops


Echelon gives written undertaking to every student to the effect that the trainings provided at Echelon towards the fulfillment of the aim as mentioned above, guarantees 100% atleast 3 job offers from quality high end companies with a robust package. Our commitment towards their future begins in the very first year and every student is asked to begin inquiring as to what they would be inspired by at the end of their term at the institute. Some of the companies with whom we have collaborations and the list of placed students details are also enclosed herewith.

Ans:- The interviews are conducted in the campus or in the company itself and the appointment letters are given as per the company policy. The highest package offered to the students in the last academic year was 22 LPA and lowest was 3.8 LPA. Some of the companies with whom we have collaborations and the list of placed students details are also enclosed herewith.

Ans:- Welcome to the future of education. Echelon is run by a spiritual trust and is dedicated to the transformation and evolution of education. We at echelon, firmly believe that the time has come to take the education to the next level where education is not just an access of a degree but an access into an experience giving rise to the capacity to ongoingly create meaningful perspectives bringing about holistic solutions to individuals, institutions, industries and ultimately to the whole society. Education as perspective coming through an experiential training, as a conscious leading edge of science, technology and administration is the very philosophy, the programs, processes and trainings have been designed at the campus giving a 360 degree holistic training to each and every student towards the realization of their self-inspired, intentful aspirations and goals ranging from training in the core competence areas to realization of the meaning and purpose in life through team building and leadership and the creative genius to face any challenges, issues or complex problems in industries, communities and society at large. The holistic education includes not just the areas of core competence but also the allied areas which may include drama, literature, sports, art, music, dance, robotics, sciences, photography, cooking etc. The meaningfulness of life is expressed by the evolutionary spirit in the human consciousness through the compelling urge to create, innovate and continual aspiration to reach the next level in the face of the mysterious uncertainty of the future and therein therefore this adventurous pursuit to continually excel surprises one through revelation/discovery of new goals which one otherwise earlier thought could never have been their goals. Hence, the institution believes that the discovery of someone’s purpose/love/inspiration is a continuous process and no one knows when they will find their true inspiration and hence has to be prepared for the same. This has been worked out through very effective programs such as:-

  • Personalized mentoring
  • Industry Institute Partnership Cell
  • 15 Clubs
  • Foreign collaborations
  • Industry oriented program
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Research and development
  • Self-learning
  • Group learning
  • Flipped class pedagogy
  • Projects and innovation
  • Training in sports
  • Preparation for CAT/MAT/GRE/GATE etc
  • Preparing for higher education and their entrance exams.

Ans:- Coming from the holistic vision of being the conscious leading edge in the fields of technology and administration, with a commitment towards unparalleled service to humanity and the understanding that the highest form of intelligence is compassion, the very context in which Echelon works is that the creation is always collaborative in nature. An institution is nothing but coming together of students and teachers in aspiration of a shared common great future and this shared future cannot be created in isolation. At its core, it requires an evolutionary partnership among the students, their parents and the institute. This very context of collaborative creation and evolutionary partnerships is at the heart of the policies of Echelon. The fees expected by the institute is more of a commitment amount sought from the students which is highly subsidized by the spiritual trust running the institution. The high-tech, high-end, 360 degree wholesome training addressing multitudes of faculties of being human is not possible through limited means but being a spiritual enterprise, Echelon does not expect the stduents to pay the whole and hence the subsidy. Also, in today’s time and age, when education is also looked upon as industry, Echelon continues to be very traditional in its outlook and continues to see education as a noble service and treats students and their parents as partners, and not customers of the institute. This relationship between the institute, stduents and their parents is for the life and we treat and value the relationship in all its dignity and therefore provide a subsidized education. The kind of state-of the art infrastructure and the trainings and education being provided at Echelon, if charged fully, would cost atleast 3-4 times more than what actually Echelon is asking its students to commit. There are several private universities and institutes in Delhi-NCR which are already charging fees to the same extent but Echelon is an exception and charging 3-4 times less. As the cost of education is increasing by the day and subsidies are more difficult to be met by the spiritual trust, Echelon is going to withdraw the part of subsidies and this is the last year wherein you are getting full subsidized education at Echelon.

Ans:- The high-end training can only be imparted by highly qualified faculties who have continual urge to learn ongoingly and undergo regular trainings. Echelon boast of more than 50 PhD faculties and rest are with master’s degrees. We have more than total 125 faculties in the institute. The qualifications and experience of the faculties as per the AICTE/UGC/Government norms. The faculties are continuously being trained through various Faculty development programs in the campus, in the industries etc. They are also sent for hands-on training in the top level institutes of the country and abroad.

Ans:-Echelon is committed to pioneer the experiential education in the country. Traditionally, higher education has been limited to classroom, labs, tutorials, at best engaging in problem solving, doing assignments and ultimately through rote learning, making an effort to score as highly as possible in the examinations. Acquiring a degree has been the only end of it all for a long time in our country, ignoring the fact that this nation has been a leading force in search of knowledge and the pursuit of teaching, learning and education in the various facets of life, communities, science, technology, commerce etc through hands-on experiential; self and group learning in ashrams wherein a direct transfer of knowledge was the preferred mode among teachers and their disciples. Coming from a holistic perspective of education rooted in the exploratory process evolved in this country over millenniums. At Echelon, education is being imparted by following a rigorous process of personalized, focused attention on every student through an organically structured system of mentoring, self-learning, group-learning and direct hands-on experiential training in industries, communities under the tutelage of a senior faculty through projects and assignments chosen by the faculties in communion with the students themselves. A self-inspired learning makes the educational process fun, adventure and ultimately to search for a realized understanding of the fundamentals of the subject concerned, making the students not just employable in the industry but prepared enough to be coveted by any industry or institution for job or higher learning. The process includes 360 degree education wherein the stduents themselves discover the calling of their life and a vision to how they would be most effectively contributing through them to their families, communities and ultimately to the entire humanity. The institution has in addition to the robust academic processes in the core competence areas, more than 15 clubs and a sports academy to give them an all-round 360-degree education in the pursuit of their discovery of their calling of life and it goes without saying that the institute has centrally air-conditioned 17.5 acres sprawling campus. The institute supports the entire academic program beginning first year itself through a dedicated centre of excellence wherein trainers in specialized areas focus the stduents in preparing for the times we live in with continuous adaptation and evaluation with the requirements of the industry and academia in a fast-changing universe. This is further supported through expert industry people training both students and faculties. The institution has recruited highly trained most effective experts from industry and academia to not only educate the stduents in academia but also train them as mentioned supra in accordance to the changing and evolving industry and academia, preparing them to crack any interview, group discussions or entrance exams in pursuit of job or higher education. A dedicated entrepreneurship cell is also there to meet the challenges of this millennia, not as a job seeker but as a job provider. The campus life is an ongoing celebration of life, honoring the talent, intent and inspiration of each and every student through curricular and extra-curricular activities, the high point of which every year are the annual festivals being held at Echelon. This includes technical, cultural and sports festivals held at campus where shared collaborative creation is work in play bringing out the hidden talent and inspiration in every student to the ecstatic fulfilment of one and all.


Ans:- Compassion is the highest source of intelligence- that’s what lord shiva says in Shiv Puraan. An institution of learning is incomplete without taking its stduents on the path of discovery of the values of life, they would be inspired to share in families and communities. The entire structure of teaching and learning at Echelon is dedicated to the discovery of the values of life that each student would love to share with the communities around. The path of discovery of values is uncovered and supported through community services as well. These community services include blood donation camps, health camps,_____________________________ etc.

Ans:- Education at Echelon is being imparted under the context of transformation and evolution of education as an unparalleled service to humanity, the entire education is being provided at subsidized tuition fees by the parent spiritual trust running the institution. Not only that, further scholarships are provided to all those students who have hunger for learning but are low on resources ensuring that no one is denied the fulfillment of their dreams due to lack of means and resources. Scholarships in different area and on different parameters are provided on merit.

Ans:- The campus life at Echelon, rooted in the culture of inspiration, exploration and invention truly can be a possibility when the students start living, drinking, breathing this community based culturally rich living in a safe, secure, coordinated and synchronized environment. This becomes possible through nourishing hostel life for the students residing in the campus and an effective transportation for the day scholars. The state-of-the art centralized air conditioned hostels and transportation integrates every moment of campus life or commutation as an opportunity to further advance into the future, the stduents are here to discover and fulfil.

Ans:- Echelon being at the forefront of transformation of education, in its pursuit of pioneering the experiential education with the motto of students first i.e. student is at the center of processes, rules, regulations governing the teaching and learning is geared towards the wholesome growth of students. Echelon has been instrumental in bringing about radical changes, not only within the perimeter of its own campus but also challenging the inert, outdated, expired modes, mediums and processes followed by the institutions around, regulatory bodies and the government of the day. Firmly believing that we are a champion institute, we have been continuously challenging limitations imposed on the educational processes in this country, more so due to lack of any initiative to continuously work upon and evolve the outdated processes in terms of curriculum, infrastructure, rules, regulations, policies etc. and therefore the institution unfortunately for embroiled in various litigations against regulatory bodies, government of the day and other institutes, bringing on itself the wrath of the same but to its credit the institute has won all the litigation numbering almost 20 litigations and have list none, bringing about radical changes in the processes, rules, regulations by these institutions, regulatory bodies and the governments, making them student orientated. Hence its no surprise that many competing institutes have a lot of unsavory words to speak against the champion institution that Echelon is demanding and setting higher and higher optimum standards in the interest of students.

Ans:- The measure of success at echelon is the stduents fulfilling their discovered inspiration and ultimately living their dreams in industry, institutions and communities around, affecting the quality of life of one and all.

Ans:- The inertia and the lack of urgency prevailing all around in respect of the primacy that the education deserves as the agent of transformation of communities, nations and humanity on part of institutions, regulatory bodies and the government. What makes it serious is total lack of understanding that it is the stduent who is the focus of institution, regulatory bodies and the government and not vice-versa. Nobody seems to understand that it has to be the Student First and not government first.

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