Role of Information System in Engineering Projects Management - Echelon Institute Of Technology

Role of Information System in Engineering Projects Management

Date: November 26, 2018

Time: 10:00-03:00

Location: Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad


a seminar on “Information System in Engineering Projects Management” was organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering at Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad.
An engineering manager may be responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars and several teams spread across states and provinces, countries or even continents. In such conditions, it becomes essential that data is archived and processed as fast as possible – since it may illuminate serious issues or vital changes. This is the exact problem for which specialized information systems are available in virtually any type of project. Various Information systems like Executive Information System (EIS), Marketing Information System (MkIS, Business Intelligence System (BIS), Customer Relationship Management System (CRM,) Sales Force Automation System (SFA), Transaction Processing System (TPS), Knowledge Management System (KMS), Financial Accounting System (FAS, Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Supply Chain Management System (SCM) Decision Support Systems (DSS) were highlighted during the session which play important role in increasing the efficiency in managing the Projects.

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