Echiesta 2K17 – Echelon Institute Of Technology

(Annual Techno-Cultural Festival)

Echelon organizes the Techno-Cultural fest “Echiesta”, wherein a large number of students from prominent institutions of Delhi/ NCR participate & showcase their emerging talents. Echiesta provides an opportunity to the students from different institutions to exchange their cultures, religions, beliefs & develop a healthy competitive spirit and belongingness, thereby building long-lasting inter-personal relationships. Internationally acclaimed pop singers like Bombay Rockers, Madhyama-the Band, Tatva K-DJ, Raftaar, Jazzy B, Juggy D, Buppi, Lafz-E-Dilli-the Suffi Pop Band, internationally acclaimed disc jockey DJ Tejas, renowned poet Mr. Dinesh Raghuvanshi, Sardar Pratap Singh Fauzdar have performed in Echiesta.

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