Diversity Management in B.tech, BBA, BCA colleges in Faridabad

Diversity Management in B.tech, BBA, BCA colleges in Faridabad

In India, Education system is developing day by day at booming rate. Students   from all over the world come here to take admissions in Educational Institutes. So it’s obvious that there is good amount of student’s diversity in classrooms and institutes. As India is wide country of 28 States & & 9 Union Territories having so many languages, variety of culture, race and ethnical backgrounds so diversity in engineering colleges in Haryana is also obvious.

  The miles of distances are covered within very little span of time, due to which engineering colleges are full of diverse students, having different race, religion, ethnicity, gender etc. So it has increased the work of B.tech colleges in India as they have to be more careful in dealing with these students. Even though their presence in the colleges of Faridabad is an advantage for the same, not a hindrance.

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  So, it is the duty of Best BBA, BCA and B.tech colleges of Faridabad to make such strategies and policies for diverse students through which they can easily adjust themselves here to the Best B.tech, BCA, BBA colleges of Faridabad.

  Top Engineering Colleges in Delhi NCR are also having international exposure as students from all over India and outside India came here to study.

  Even though students in top Engineering colleges in Haryana are aware and well-bred yet there are many differences among students regarding their age, religion, race, education, and ethnicity or on the basis of some other factors. So to deal with the students of engineering colleges in Faridabad from different groups we need the best staff and faculties.

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     Education is a service sector so multiculturism in B.tech colleges in Faridabad is a very common thing. Even though there are so many benefits of diversity, it has some drawbacks too, such as –

  1. Conflict among students
  2. Not supporting each other

As language is different so they are unable to understand each other.

     Advantages of diversity in Engineering Colleges in Faridabad can be as follows:-

  1. Creativity level increase.
  2. Varieties of Idea are exchanged.
  3. Teamwork is increased.
  4. More learning & leads to better growth.
  5. Communication can be more effective.
  6. Students got diverse experience from other diverse students

     So, it is important for teachers to opt new methods or strategies to deal with such kind of  students.


By  Ms. Komal Bhardwaj
Assistant Professor
Department of Management Studies

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