Best civil engineering colleges in India - Echelon Institute of Technology

Vision & Mission

Department of Civil Engineering


“To create quality mechanical engineering professionals having ethical and moral values who are able to solve real-life technological problems and possess the ability to adapt to the rapid changes occurring in the technology sector and serve the society as technocrats, innovators, academicians & entrepreneurs”


  1. To ensure sufficient technological exposure to the students in order to create tech-savvy professionals.
  2. To maintain high-quality labs and workshops as per the requirement of current industry scenario.
  3. To impart adequate CAD/CAM exposure to nurture designing skills of students.
  4. To ensure effective counseling and career guidance facilities to the students to help them achieve their goals.
  5. To motivate the students to participate in the national level examinations such as GATE/CAT/Engineering Services etc.
  6. To encourage faculty & staff members to participate in seminars and workshops for their awareness of state-of-the-art technology.
  7. To encourage the faculty & staff members to pursue higher education and research.
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