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Echelon Institute of Technology proudly announces the Grand Opening of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) with Career Development & Placement Cell.

Welcome to Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence for Multi-disciplinary Research (COE) is a new approach to providing students with an on-demand, advance-grade research environment to accelerate scientific discovery and practical learning process.

Discover Innovation

Become an innovator, inventor or a problem solver by joining Centre of Excellence at Echelon Institute of Technology and participate in the collaborative process of co-creating solutions to the emerging problems faced by industry, NGOs, Governments, development Partners and SMEs.

Incubate Business

An ecosystem of resources, connections, knowledge, and talent to support mission-driven entrepreneurs. Having access to such an ecosystem can be invaluable for entrepreneurs as they navigate the complex process of building and scaling their ventures.

Accelerate Learning

Adapt and Achieve transformative learning and competitive coaching programmes at scale. With Smart learning tools at COE, we help students to connect to the experts and prepare to crack the competitive examination and corporate interviews.

Transform your career

For any individual, complexity and fragmentation are the enemy of continuous growth and innovation. This holds true in career and academic progress more than anywhere else. In today’s competitive environment freshers invariably reach a tipping-point where rising scale and peer pressure threatens their initial evolution. Hence, the solution lies in 360 degree personality development & skill development . That’s why we think as much about people’s effectiveness and productivity as we do about the process to achieve the same. 

Benefits of Centre of Excellence @ Echelon


Work with Industry for Problem Based Learning.

Students get an opportunity to work with industry in which student learns about a technology by working in groups to solve an complex real-world problems. This problem is what drives the motivation and the learning.

By working with industry partners for problem-based learning, students can gain practical experience and develop skills that are highly valued by employers. This collaboration also provides industry partners with an opportunity to engage with students and identify potential future employees.

Pursue Internship

Kickstart your career with on the job experience through an internship and make yourself more employable, giving them the opportunity to demand more from an entry-level job and get ahead faster using skills and experience honed in a learning environment.

Here is how COE helps you pursue an internship:

  1. Identify your interests

  2. Research companies

  3. Network

  4. Apply

  5. Prepare for interviews

  6. Follow up

Opportunities to Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be an excellent way to gain new perspectives, develop cross-cultural skills, and expand your academic and professional horizons. Here are some opportunities options:

  • Exchange programs
  • Study abroad programs
  • Internships abroad
  • Service learning programs
  • Language immersion programs

Placement Assistance

With 80+ corporate collaborations, COE empowers students and Institute to maximize placement opportunities. Our project based learning guarantees 100% employment guarantee to the applicants.

In order to receive placement assistance, students may need to meet certain criteria, such as completing a training program or being a current student at Echelon Institute. 

The goal of placement assistance is to help individuals secure employment that is in line with their skills, interests, and career goals.

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