Can Electric Vehicle (EV) Push Result in Unemployment? EIT Faridabad

Can Electric Vehicle (EV) Push Result in Unemployment?

What is a prominent noting from the above parts/components’ layout of conventional Petrol/Diesel Car and Electric Car? …….. The component count seems to be less in Electric Car.

Yes, its correct. A typical Electric Car has around 200 components, whereas conventional Petrol/Diesel Car has more than 1000 components.

How does the parts count matter? Let’s consider manufacturing process/ cycle of conventional cars. Generally, there is cluster of companies engaged/ supporting automobile manufacturing. Say, Maruti Suzuki has Car manufacturing plant in Gurugram (Haryana). Maruti doesn’t make all the parts/components in-house, and most of them are made by ancillary/ auto component companies. More the number of components, more would be the manufacturing processes/ ancillary companies. Therefore, it can be inferred that more components mean more companies/ manufacturing process. It is estimated that over one million people are employed in automotive sector in Delhi-NCR.

Comparatively, the electric car has fewer parts and therefore, lesser number of people would be required/engaged for manufacturing. After the overlap period between conventional car and electric car, and when the electric car gains majority share in the market; slowly, the demand of the components which are not required in electric car (e.g. fuel system, engine etc.), will diminish and finally shut down. Then, the companies manufacturing such components would shut down or start manufacturing some other components.

Besides the manufacturing, there is manpower engaged in service or maintenance of conventional cars. With the emergence of electric cars, these requirements could come down or at least the skillset would require a change.

While coming out with electric vehicle policies, the Government need to maintain the balance to ensure that the job opportunity in the country does not go down due to this reason. The Best B. Tech colleges in Delhi-NCR are also engaged in deeper study on this topic.

As electric vehicle push is going up all across the world, the time will tell the result on employment opportunities.

By: Prof. (Dr.) Vishwajeet V. Jituri

Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad

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