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Campus Life At Echelon institute of technology, Faridabad.

Echelon institute is one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. It is a dream of many engineering students to walk down the corridors of Echelon institute.

This institute provides the best in every department. Along with amazing teaching methods, there are several activities for students to keep them fit, and their minds fresh. Also, the institute has a great infrastructure, hostel, and other facilities.

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Top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR

First of all, discussing the infrastructure, this college has really good infrastructure, there are 88 major classrooms along with labs. 31 lecture rooms are there accompanied by 10 tutorial rooms and 47 labs and workshops. Along with all this, a big library and seminar halls and auditorium are also there. All the classrooms have all the advanced technologies.

The infrastructure of the college hostel is also nice. The area is spread over 6 acres. There is a beautiful lawn lined with trees. The lawn has a very peaceful environment where you can spend time with yourself. Also talking about the rooms there are different types of availabilities according to students’ needs. For example, there are A/c as well as non A/c rooms. Rooms are also available for single, double, or triple occupancy. So one can easily get a room according to their need and budget.


Also, the rooms have all the modern facilities. The rooms are well maintained and proper hygiene is also maintained.

Also, the girl’s and boy’s hostels are built separately to maintain their personal spaces. Along this internet connections are also provided in hostels to do the research work and other things. A hostel is a place where the students not just live, but make a new family, enjoy, spend such a big part of life and create uncountable memories. Therefore the hostel of Echelon institute is designed in such a way that inspires the students to get the best out of them as well as keep them connected with reality. Also along with all this, special concern is shown towards the students and all the safety arrangements are provided. Fire Fighting systems are installed everywhere and this institute also has a hospital for any emergency.

Besides all this, Echelon institute also takes care of other Co-curricular activities. A large number of sports are present. Football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, basketball all and many more activities are present. A swimming pool is also there, where students can have fun and relax. A physical training center and an aerobic center are also present. Along with all this, physical training sessions of yoga, games, and other exercise are also organized.

Along with physical fitness, the mental health of a person is also very important. And a person feels mentally relaxed when he does his favorite thing or activity. Therefore the institute being perfect in every field also takes care of mental health and provides them a platform named Sankalp. Sankalp is a student club where they can show their other skills like dancing, singing and many more. Hence this college also cares about the health and physical fitness of the students.


 Echelon institute of technology, Faridabad is not just a top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. It is best in every sector including sports, social work, and more. This institute has a great infrastructure. The hostel is also very good and has all the necessary facilities. For the best growth of a person in any field, it is important to be physically and mentally healthy and focused on achieving their goal. This institute takes care of all these facts. Hence along with keeping them physically and mentally fit, it also provides counseling and guidance to students from time to time. Therefore it is considered the best institute in Delhi NCR.

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