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Automatic Bird-Species Recognition using the Deep Learning and Web Data Mining

Big data analysis has become an integrated part of any organization. Everyone is re-sorting their business structure to a higher segmented format with the deployment of web data mining and Deep Learning (DL). So is in the case of wildlife monitoring. These days it is important to study the population trends and behaviour of the birds. If considered a particular area, knowing and understanding the types of birds in the area helps detect other types of organisms in the environment (E.g. insects they feed on) as they are quite responsive to the sudden environment changes.Identifying the species of birds based on their sounds, songs, calls, appearance, texture, colors is a crucial task, however, time consuming and a costly method if done manually. Therefore, a system needs to be developed that would process large amount of information and data about birds, that would ultimately serve as a precious instrument for government agencies, researchers, etc. Using the bird’s species identification system, will define the species of the bird that it belongs to and helps understand the category that the bird belongs to. The increase in the amount of data and the inception of big data has given rise to the need of improved and efficient algorithm that can better analyze the data. Visual recognition analysis wherein the images are to be analyzed for further processing, classification, and detection, has been a furthermore challenging task with the existing algorithms including deep neural networks.

Deep neural networks have been widely explored in the existing work in developing depth-learning models that can efficiently process information and provide rigorous understanding of the patterns in the data. Most birds are generally detected by the kind of sound they produce. This makes the use of passive acoustic method of Deep Learning highly efficient with the use of a system that monitors the data remotely and needs no manual calibration. With the use of deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN), the processing of large number of dataset that contains numerous classifications of the species can be defined. Identification of a bird is generally done visually. The key visual components are color, pose, size, wings, etc. However, when the time of year is kept into consideration, the size of their wings differs according to their growth. Data mining and Big data is the most trendy topic now days. Our college conducted many workshops on artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and many more. Our college is the best Engineering college in Delhi NCR as well as Haryana. It is the best college for BCA, BBA and engineering.

Visual recognition analysis can be used for analysing and classifying the images for further usage considering this to be a challenging task, but can be carried with the use of existing algorithms and deep neural networks.

Blog by Ms. Shanu (Asst. Prof. CSE)
Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad

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