It is well known that a person’s worth is known by the kind of language he speaks and how effectively he or she is able to communicate. In today’s cross-cultural global education and work environment, the basic college course curriculum and technical and process knowledge is not enough. So, the academic domain knowledge and skills have to be complemented with global communication skills to develop:

  • Critical thinking and reasoning (e.g. problem solving, analysis, logic, cause/effect)
  • Information literacy (e.g. knowledge acquisition, source discernment, Management )
  • Collaboration (e.g. synergy, team resourcing, social skills, leadership)
  • Self-direction (e.g. adaptability, initiative, personal responsibility, work ethics, self-advocacy)
  • Invention (e.g. creativity, innovation, integration of ideas)

It has been noted that today, students who are brilliant in their respective subjects have an inherent tendency to steer away from communication as they lack confidence due to their poor English communication skills. Therefore, in order to inculcate functional English language skills right from the beginner’s level along with the existing curriculum, Echelon Institute of Technology has established a language laboratory where students get ample opportunities and platforms to learn about the language, enhance and experience listening and speaking skills in addition to developing other necessary life skills. The multimedia course content that is provided with a solution is one of the best content providers worldwide. The language laboratory uses a software platform for ease of operation and practice. The language laboratory provides a holistic learning experience where students:

  • Improve their Listening Skills
  • Improve their Speaking Skills
  • Develop their Language skills
  • Improve their examination result
  • Move from passive learning to active learning