Hostel life is a preparation to create a home away from home. It is where the life at a Gurukul starts, albeit a modern one. It is a balance between the training, rejuvenation & relaxation. The hostel is where students begin to have a sense of belongingness and camaraderie. It’s where the loneliness of life can best be dealt with and hostel makes one realize that true independence is the fountainhead to experiencing love and togetherness in life. On one hand, they begin to experience confidence and freedom to make their own choices and on the other hand, they begin to realize that they have an inherent ability to bring together a family away from family and inspire support in their lives.

Yes, you correctly read it. A life rooted in freedom, independent choice making, inspiring support from others, taking full responsibility of the past and be fully committed to the future, that is naturally a life of integrity, contribution, and creation. The hostel life at Echelon is designed to make this an experiential reality and train hostelers to lead such a life in future.

Every hostel is provided with a life coach and a mentor.

An engaged mind whether stuck in a puzzle or self-attained having dissolved the problem, exults in self-expression.      -Prabhat Agarwal

Both the hostels are situated in a lush green environment with beautiful and large lawns dotted with trees in front. The lawns and flower beds are well- maintained and taken care of by a dedicated team of the Horticulture department. This sylvan atmosphere builds the right ambiance for serious studies.

The Institute has taken care to provide the hostelers a family-like atmosphere and made the latest amenities and facilities available to the hostellers. Both the hostels are fully air-conditioned, spacious, well-furnished with beds, study tables, chairs, cupboards & R-O drinking water, Laundry facilities are also available.

The institute has, therefore, taken care for the recreation and amusement of students. Both the hostels have separate Recreation-rooms with television, indoor games like Chess, Carrom Board, Table Tennis etc. The hostels have subscription to various national dailies and magazines, Competition Masters etc.

In order to get a fair and genuine assessment of the functioning of hostels, to have an idea of overall discipline, quality of food being served, and also be aware of the proper functioning and availability of various facilities claimed to have been provided to the hostelers, an objective feedback is taken from students in each semester.

Students are also encouraged to give their concrete and genuine suggestions for further improvement of living conditions and facilities in their respective hostels.

Remedial steps are taken on the basis of opinions expressed by the majority of students.

Note: Hostel facility is not made available to the students suffering from chronic/serious diseases or a disease that needs constant attention.