Dr. M.K. Soni

Dr. M K Soni has more than 40 years of experience in the field of teaching, research and administration, he has worked as Director-Principal at CR-State college of Engineering, Murthal. He has also worked as Professor and Dean at the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra and was the Dean of Engineering and Technology at MDU, Rohtak.

From The Advisor’s Desk

Dr. Soni did his Ph.D. from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra in collaboration with IIT Delhi on Microprocessor and Control Systems. He developed Centre for Computing & Networking worth Rs.1.38 crore ( a project of MHRD) at REC Kurukshetra in 1996-97. Dr. Soni has guided many M. Tech projects, Dissertations, and PhDs. He has published more than 145 research papers in various National and International journals and conferences. He is a member of several technical committees.

Dr. Soni has accredited more than 25 institutes throughout the country and is also the Chairperson of NBA committees. He has delivered expert lectures in a number of Universities and has been honored with the BEST PAPER AWARD by the System Society of India in National System Conference NSC-88 at PSG College, Coimbatore, December 1988.

He presented the Research Paper “An Optimized Genetic Stowed Biometric Approach to Potent QOS in MANET” and chaired the session of “Soft Computing and Software Engineering” in International Conference on Soft Computing and Software Engineering on March 5-6, 2015 at University of California Berkeley, Sutardja Dai Hall, California, USA. The research paper was related to counteracting the security breaches in Mobile Ad hoc Network by providing a new methodology using biometric perception as the most innovative solution that incorporated exclusive iris features elicited by iris image procurement and perception system. The paper was published by Elsevier and is available online in Science Direct platform. All other proceedings also appear online on Science Direct. Dr. Soni was appointed as Independent Director (Engg.) in the Board of Directors, National Projects Construction Corporation (Govt. of India) by the President of India for three years during 2010-2013.