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Anxiety of choosing right branch of engineering and college

Choosing the right career path can be very confusing and difficult at times. Whether it is choosing your specialization of engineering branch or choosing the right engineering college, it is always an anxiety- riddled decision and requires a lot of research because a wrong decision will certainly have an impact on your entire life.

Here are some tips which will guide you in choosing the right career direction.

The big dilemma: Branch or College?

Both are important, branch, as well as the college and you, have to be really fortunate to be the one to get both. Students have to first weigh the options available with them and research the credentials of the institute thoroughly. Study the college websites and ensure the basics of accreditation etc to be in place. Review the past performance of the institute in terms of placements, teaching faculty and infrastructure. All this information should help you to adjudge the best engineering college in the region of your choice, which may be Faridabad or NCR.

Stick to your interest

Many children get compelled either by parents or by peers to select some particular branch of engineering. All such students should take into cognizance the fact that future scope would be worthwhile only when you have the desired aptitude to work in the particular field. The fact remains that every branch brings about decent set of opportunities. However, if you end up selecting a branch only on the basis of presumed job prospects, irrespective of your interest, it might not lead you anywhere.

Look beyond four years

Students should try to understand the life after graduation thoroughly. Every branch of engineering terminates into a specific job role. Before selecting a branch of engineering students should try and meet as many engineering professionals as possible and understand their lifestyle and career prospects. This will give them better clarity about the profession and enable them to take the right decision.

In a nut shell we can say that, all branches of engineering have the potential to deliver a great future to the student. More than selection of the institute it is the selection of the right branch which is critical. Before finalizing on any institute a student should necessarily be satisfied with the institution’s accreditation status. Understand & review your aptitude, interest & skills and apply these facts to select the right branch of engineering.

Dr Ranjana Sharma

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